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Integrated Learning at SPFS
SPFS offers a rigorous bilingual education grounded in shared values – respect, love of learning, and integrity. SPFS seeks to provide a unique educational experience in China that develops creative, critical thinkers who communicate ideas in a responsible, respectful manner.  As 21st century global citizens, our students will strive to bridge linguistic and cultural differences to make positive contributions in the world. We look at real-life issues through our service projects and integrated curriculum within a safe setting to mold how children think about and approach problems or conflicts. We seek to develop responsible students into thoughtful, disciplined, well-rounded learners by providing a multifaceted education that includes:

Students have endless opportunities to fulfill their academic, social, and emotional potential through stimulating classes and comprehensive arts and sports programs. Service learning and globally focused projects provide numerous ways to study, work and serve the community. Our supportive, linguistically diverse environment helps every student feel valued for their own personal qualities and skills.

Students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills within different subject areas (for example art, math, and science), together, in ways that stimulate new ideas in each field of inquiry.

At SPFS, our approach to learning is well rounded. Our students receive a learning program comprised of traditional approaches, technological supports and integration, project-based learning, and service learning. Coursework encompasses a bilingual approach to the elements of literacy, humanities and cultural studies, science and mathematics courses, the arts and physical education. We strive to customize learning to meet the developmental needs of our students. Our faculty and staff provide personalized attention to engage our students intellectually and to also support them as they find their way socially and emotionally. Within each subject area, a highly qualified PK–5 teacher oversees curriculum development, ensuring that instruction is comprehensive, integrated and challenging.

Our service projects find ways to improve the world. Through community service and engagement, students plan and lead service projects in order to learn from and contribute to their community.

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