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We introduced our 21st Century early preschool-kindergarten education program in 2018. We seek to cultivate the academic
Our Kindergarten
We introduced our 21st Century early preschool-kindergarten education program in 2018. We seek to cultivate the academic, emotional and social development of every child. Through our daily academic activities, young children will become confident in their own abilities to learn.

Lesson presentation will be fun and motivational through use of songs, stories, art, writing, modeling, and hands-on activities. Our curriculum and training program will be presented in both English and Chinese each day. Students will learn behaviors of self-management through guidance and structured patterns as taught by our highly qualified teachers. Students will read, speak, write, and listen in every subject to develop their languages.

We work in partnership with our parents to support in the develop of our students academically, socially, and emotionally. Children begin to change very quickly as they mature emotionally and through socialization with other children, other cultures, and through exposure to advanced knowledge. Therefore, we welcome parent input as we want to know and to understand students as they develop. We hope that home and school together will further develop these 21st century community beliefs….
1. Creativity, critical thinking, inquiry, and a lifelong passion for learning are imperative for personal fulfillment and meeting the challenges of the future.

2. Supportive and positive collaboration promotes student achievement.

3. Honesty, trust, and compassion are necessary for responsible global citizenship.

4. A caring, safe learning environment is essential for positive growth and well-being.

5. Using technology effectively prepares individuals to actively participate in the 21st century working world.

6. Effective communication in more than one language facilitates positive relationships and increases opportunities for leadership and success.

7. Open-mindedness and respect for others regardless of race, gender, culture, or social status promotes harmony and understanding.

8. Service to others is a crucial component of making a positive global contribution.
9. Making principled choices and taking responsibility for one’s actions benefits society, the individual, and the environment.
10. Independent thought, risk-taking, and knowledge across disciplines are important for a quality education.
Planning for, engaging in, and reflecting upon learning helps students meet high expectations.



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Shenyang Pacific Foreign School

Telephone: No. 8-3 Gaoge Road Shenyang, Liaoning,PRC. 110000

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Shenyang Pacific Foreign School for Kindergarten

Telephone: N0.76 bajing street, Heping District Shenyang, Liaoning,PRC. 110000

Address:  86-17640041602


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