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At SPFS, we enjoy our work. Children are happy and thrive in our program. Our beliefs are for everyone, adults and children alike. We are a team that is continually evolving and developing together.

We are currently building our professional family. If you are starting out in your career, on your career path and need a change, or ending your US professional career, we have a place for you here at SPFS. Send your resume to

Jannalee Schwimmer by email:

We also use US professional employment agencies who are geared to find teachers and staff. Contact International School Services (ISS) or Carney, Sandoe, & Associates and let them know of your interest in working for SPFS.

Shenyang Pacific Foreign School

Telephone: No. 8-3 Gaoge Road Shenyang, Liaoning,PRC. 110000

Address: 86-17640041602

Shenyang Pacific Foreign School for Kindergarten

Telephone: N0.76 bajing street, Heping District Shenyang, Liaoning,PRC. 110000

Address:  86-17640041602


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