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School is starting, let’s enjoy the happy childhood together!
2019-09-04 未知
Full of happiness and hope, the new semester began.
Full of happiness and hope, the new semester began. The children got together with their friends and teachers who they missed during the holiday. They talked happily to share the fun and feelings of the past holiday.
In the new semester, children will get together to experience colorful courses and activities, explore fantastic ideas and form good habits in the Shenyang Royal Pacific International Kindergarten.
The happy new semester!

In the new beginning, children continue to learn healthy diet knowledge, and bake nutritious food with little hands. Dietary education make children love natural food, inherit dietary culture and feel grateful for nature. And cultivating children's love to others and artistic imagination.
Kindergarten is full of happiness and friends. Hope that in the new semester, more happy moments will happen in the kindergarten. Children can take this as a starting point, spread their wings and fly high.

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