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Life is education. Pacific International Kindergarten makes children learn by playing and acting!
2019-01-15 未知
Taking children as the center, studying during playing and learning during acting.
Taking children as the center, studying during playing and learning during acting. Whatever the child can do, let him do by himself; whatever the kid can think, let him think by himself.
-Education concept of the Pacific International Kindergarten
learn by playing
Playing is children's nature. Maria Montessori, the master of education,  said “I saw it, I forgot, I heard it, I remember, I did it, I understand.”This sentence reveals the essence of Education - practice plays important role in quality education. Pacific International Kindergarten pays much attention to discovering, protecting and guiding the nature of children. Children will learn in exploring and practicing activities, which is important for future development.
Kindergarten activities, which look like games, are actually helping children acquire knowledge, cultivate habits, and get the ability to adapt to primary school. Education is the main purpose. Educating during activities highlights the principal position of children, and emphasizes that learning is happy and autonomous. That will help children acquire abilities and habits for future development. Cultivation during the three-year Kindergarten is all for children’s adaption of primary school: junior class is to cultivate self-care ability, middle class is to cultivate social skills, senior class is to cultivate learning skills.
studying during playing

How does the Pacific International Kindergarten practice the education concept of learning during acting?


The world's leading STEAM education allows children to learn during playing.

STEAM innovative education provides children with interdisciplinary innovative thinking and application abilities, which combines science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. It enables children to find their talents and interests during exploring and practising, so as to enhance their comprehensive quality .
STEAM education makes children lead their learning, and develops children's ability to think independently, explore and innovate. The Pacific International Kindergarten makes children learn knowledge during practice and foster scientific spirit while playing.
 STEAM education

Integration of Chinese and Western exploration Courses to achieve the purpose of activity education

Kindergarten theme activity is a kind of research-oriented curriculum. It is a series of activities that children observe and explore phenomena and things independently around a theme, and teachers support and guide them appropriately. Each theme is as close as possible to the children's life and meets their interests and needs.
The Pacific International Kindergarten introduces the American BIG FUN courses, and organizes teaching activities around the following topics: my class, my body, my family, my toys, my lunch, my clothes, animals, my world.
Kindergarten theme activity

Whole-person education emphasizes children's happiness and autonomy

In fact, besides learning knowledge and skills, there are many invisible things for children to learn in kindergartens. Pacific International Kindergarten emphasizes whole-person education. In daily activities, it cultivates children's good living habits, reading and writing skills, social skills and appreciation and creativity ability.
Playing is children's nature. Learning during playing will lead to a meaningful life.

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