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There will be experience activities of the Kindergarten recently!
2019-01-03 未知
There will be experience activities of Pacific International Kindergarten recently in the brand new year!
New Year carries new wishes, everything presents a new look. After careful decoration and preparation, the Pacific International Kindergarten is ready to welcome the first batch of children. Here as a new starting point, children will spread the imagine wings for fulfilling greater dreams.
Pacific International Kindergarten

Recently, there are plenty of experience activities in the kindergarten. A warm welcome to families that are interested in international education.

Celebrate the New Year with wonderful music;
experience activities
Parent-child activities make interaction easy and happy.
experience activities
STEAM handicraft activities develop children's imagination.
experience activities
Snack and gifts prepared.
activities of Kindergarten

2019 Education Plan of the Pacific International Kindergarten:

The world's leading STEAM education allows the kids to think like scientists and solve problems like engineers.
Immersive bilingual education helps children to understand Chinese and western culture and open the gate towards global.

Interdisciplinary exploration projects help children to become independent, confident, cooperative, curious, active, respectful, tolerant, and grateful, etc.; It also improves their ability of self-management and problem solving.  

New year message of the Pacific International Kindergarten:

New year message of the Pacific International Kindergarten
Education is to discover, appreciate and create beauty with children so that they can become the best themselves.
2018 should be carefully collected. In 2019, give yourself a new expectation and make every day meaningful!
In the brand new year, let's read more books and travel farther.

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