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Curriculum Features of SPFS Kindergarten: Big Fun English Theme
2018-12-29 未知
While inheriting the excellent traditional Chinese culture, the Pacific International Kindergarten has introduced BIG FUN curriculum and textbooks from the United States.
The Pacific international kindergarten with the combination of Chinese and American educational philosophy is about to open after careful preparation and decoration. Reference to IB-PYP international education standard, combining Chinese and western education essence, creating China - USA curriculum system with problem solving as the core, through STEAM and PBL project study to stimulate a child's curiosity and the desire for active learning, helping children to master the basic knowledge and skills, promoting children to explore, to think, to try, to communicate, to love, to manage himself, and to strength other aspects of comprehensive development.

Curriculum Features of the Kindergarten:

While inheriting the excellent traditional Chinese culture, the Pacific International Kindergarten has introduced BIG FUN curriculum and textbooks from the United States. Interdisciplinary exploration projects help children to become independent, confident, cooperative, curious, active, respectful, tolerant, and grateful, etc.; It also improves their ability of self-management and problem solving. 

BIG FUN Learning Method 

Big Fun teaches young children English – by listening, imitating and repeating – in the same way that they learn their native language. And they grow confident to speak English on their own.
Starting with basic vocabulary and language, Big Fun teaches children English in the context of eight engaging themes. They learn about math, reading and writing readiness, values and nature as they practice motor skills and have fun doing creative projects.
Children learn English, transfer knowledge and become critical thinkers as they cycle through the same eight themes that advance in sophistication with each level.
Big Fun

Pacific International Kindergarten

Education objective:  to cultivate global citizens with Chinese cultural background and international vision and who can lead the future.
Education concept: Taking children as the center, studying during playing and learning during acting. Whatever the child can do, let him do by himself; whatever the kid can think, let him think by himself.
Kindergarten positioning: high starting point, high goal, high quality
The purpose of the kindergarten: to make every child the best of himself.

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